Exploring London Off The Beaten Track

While holidays to London should include Buckingham Palace, there are some fantastic things to see off the beaten track. Flights to London land at Heathrow Airport every day of the week with over 100 carriers coming from 167 different destinations in Europe and cheap international flights from around the world.

Once in London, tour packages range from walking and biking to double-decker buses allowing riders freedom to hop on and off wherever they choose.

Exploring London Off The Beaten Track

Nottingham Hill is home to the Museum of Brands, Packaging & Advertising. Exhibits ranging from bottles and cans to postcards and toys tell a unique story about consumer products from the time of Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II. About 12,000 out of some 300,000 items collected by Robert Opine are currently on display in this new location which opened in 2005.

The Old Curiosity Shop made famous by author Charles Dickens still exists. This wooden building which was erected in 1567 survived the great fire of 1666 to become the present day home of a boutique. The Old Curiosity Shop is believed to be the London’s oldest retail shop.

An interesting place to visit for children of all ages and heights is the Museum of Childhood located in Bethany Green. Resulting from an idea coming to the mind of William Gladstone in 1851, this museum was reorganized in 1929 but has always been dedicated to the education of mankind. Exhibits include favorite things from the childhood of the mother of King George V. One highlight is ‘Robbie the Robot’ which visitors are challenged to discover the secret of making him move. Another highlight especially for young children is the ‘make and take’ craft area.

Exploring London Off The Beaten Track

One spot not to be missed is the Wetland Centre of London encompassing 105 acres specially designed to attract wild birds from around the world. Guests are invited to join in feeding time and may even see water voles, grass snakes and slow worms during their visit.

Adults will especially enjoy touring The Imperial War Museum which occupies a building once used as a hospital for the mentally challenged. Exhibit areas are devoted to meaningful and eye-opening times such as the Holocaust and remnants of bomber planes from the world wars. A much anticipated exhibit soon to be opened includes photos taken by Francesca Torres showing items collected in Hanger 17 at New York City’s JFK Airport following the September 11th disaster.